Investment Philosophy

Targeted Support for Superior Growth

Emphasis is placed on the development of the management buyout market. The investment philosophy of Global Finance is growth-oriented, aimed towards companies seeking financial and management support to implement ambitious regional expansion plans. Such companies are likely to exhibit outstanding management, significant growth opportunities, leading market positions, proprietary competitive advantages and an identifiable exit strategy.

Aligned Interest in Capital Appreciation

In every investment, the main emphasis was placed on value creation and capital appreciation. To that effect, prioritywas usually given to the re-investment of earnings, as opposed to dividend payout, stressing long-term equity appreciation over short-term value. All sides (owners, management, investors and employees) stand to gain from capital appreciation.

Flexibility in type, size and location of transactions

Global Finance Group aimed to invest in companies with an excellent potential for equity appreciation, regardless of the industry they compete in. Countries of particular interest were Greece and those in the South Eastern Europe region. 

Analysis and Fine Tuning

Global Finance Group minimised risk and optimised return through a careful analysis of a company’s business plan and an expert fine-tuning of the capital structure to meet the operating needs and growth strategy of the acquired business. As a result, Global Finance Group took minority participation or majority stakes, but in all cases it supported independent management teams to run the business.

Realization of Gains

Historically, gains have been realized over a three to six year horizon. Exit strategies are developed in conjunction with management and range from Stock Exchange listings to trade sales and buyouts.

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