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Mobiltel EAD, founded in 1994, was the first and largest GSM mobile phone operator in Bulgaria. In 2001 M-Тel launched prepaid mobile plans; this was a great success and saw the amount of customers using their network increase dramatically. Its services also include home phones, mobile internet, home internet, and digital television services. The company also offers corporate solutions, such as cloud services, business mail, fax services, server configurations, virtual private networks, data transfer services, and documents portals.

Despite the difficult economical environment affecting the entire IT and Telco industry in Bulgaria, Mobiltel's performance remain stable with an increasing customer base over the years. Since 2005, Mobiltel EAD operates as a subsidiary of A1 Telekom Austria AG.

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Sector: TMT
Mobile Telephony & Accessories Retail
Acquired: 2004
Sold: 2006

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