Global Finance invests in leading medical aesthetic services provider in Spain

Global Finance completed a €7.8M investment in CORPORACIÓN DERMOESTÉTICA S.A., a company headquartered in Valencia, Spain offering medical aesthetic treatments in Spain and Portugal through a network of 40 centers and clinics.

The company is the leader in the Iberian market and probably the biggest player at a pan-European level with 2003E sales of €60.5M and EBT of €10.0M.

The company’s product offering includes a variety of medical aesthetic treatments, surgical and non-surgical as well as dentistry. Examples of surgical procedures are rhinoplasty and liposuction while non-surgical procedures are laser hair removal, laser-based skin rejuvenation, collagen injections etc.

The sector of medical aesthetic services is developing very fast in Europe and the US and the company has experienced significant growth. CORPORACIÓN DERMOESTÉTICA is currently expanding in Italy and is actively exploring opportunities in Greece and the UK.

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