South Eastern Europe Fund Invests in Chipita

South Eastern Europe Fund L.P. has invested along with the Olayan Group and Mr Theodoropoulos in the Management–Buy-Out of Chipita, a highly successful confectionary business, based in Athens.

Established in 1973, Chipita is today a global company that manufactures and distributes in 35 countries a variety of bakery products such as croissants and bake rolls under well-known brands. Chipita was one of the groups in the three way merger that created Vivartia in 2006. The driving force behind Chipita’s success has been Spyros Theodoropoulos, a charismatic entrepreneur who grew Chipita from a small local snack producer to the multinational company it is today. Mr. Theodoropoulos was CEO of the entire Vivartia group. Chipita has shown a solid track record in terms of financial performance in the past years and has managed to dominate the markets in South East Europe, further expand into new markets such as Russia, Poland, the USA and Middle East and has grown rapidly exceeding 500 million Euros in Sales. Chipita has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, the US and other countries that produce more than 300 thousand tons of bakery products annually.
Global Finance has a long and proven investment track record with both Chipita and Mr. Theodoropoulos, having invested in several successful rounds in Chipita in the past.
Chipita is the leader in the markets it serves and continues to operate with entrepreneurial spirit capturing opportunities in under-penetrated markets. Its recent expansion in Saudi Arabia was met with great success, while the introduction of new products in the US market is expected to significantly boost the company’s results. At the same time, Chipita continues to build on its strong position in its core countries in Central and South-Eastern Europe.

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